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Thrive 2022- “Follow your Dreams”

Thrive is always an amazing time, this was no exception. We met friends and gained family. These students came from all over the NorthWest to represent and embrace their tribe, their culture, and their purpose.

Our class of 25 students spent Monday going over different ways to beatmaking. Tuesday we went into different writing styles and techniques. Wednesday we started recording. By Thursday we were making our music video. Friday was our showcase and oh wow did these students shine.

Our finished product was the perfect creation. "Follow Your Dreams". Every student impacted this song and/or video in some way and every mentor played a great role in providing comfort and expertise to the experience.

Shout out to M.C. Supernatural, Jae Synth, Unlearn the World, Raza, 2_8_da_Native, Kunu Bearchum, and J. Ross Parrelli.

Music Video "Follow Your Dreams"

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