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As we explore our way through culture, music, business, and arts we will be utilizing traditional games, storytelling, poetry, and original instruments to enhance everyone's experience and make it as informative, educational, and fun as possible. We offer a hands-on approach to learning as we teach each student, young and old, the ins and outs of beat-making, songwriting, and audio recording. 


We bring our own studio equipment and the most efficient and effective methods for recording music, history, traditions, passion, and inspiration. Our main goal is to teach each student specific leadership skills, and empowerment techniques to make them "the best they can possibly be." 

Bll has participated in the following conferences: 

Sunburst Youth Academy Seal beach, Ca 2020-2023

Owyhee Reservation, NV 2022

"Thrive" National Suicide Conference Portland Or 2012-2023

Ultimate Life Summit, Disney World Orlando, FL 2015-2023

SuquamishTribe "3-day Music Video Conference" 2019

SXSW Educational and Music Section Austin, TX 2019

National Dropout Prevention Conference 2016

Lummi Reservation Anti-tobacco Conference Lummi, WA 2015 & 2018

Auburn Hip Hop Congress Growing Peace Camp 2015-2019

Klamath Falls Tribe and Chiloquin Tribe "Anti-bullying" Campaign 2015

UAIC (United American Indian Community) Auburn, CA 2015

'Setting the Stage" PDX Pop Now Portland, OR 2014-2015

7Mindsets London 2014

Courageous Connections Foster Youth Sacramento, CA 2014-2015

12 Hours of Change Elk Grove, CA 2014-2015

Strengthen My Nation Cow Creek, OR 2014

Yakima Nation Yakima, WA 2013-2015

with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

SAVE-THE-DATE for the 12th Annual THRIVE Conference the last week in June 2023 at Portland State University Campus- Portland, Oregon.


OwHYee 3-day Conference

Beats Lyrics Leaders brought 5 mentors to Owhyee for a 3-day Conference, where we engaged with Kindergarten-12th Grade students and created a Music Video called "We R the Next Generation". Students built the beat and wrote the lyrics, came up with choreographed dance moves, and helped to film and edit the whole project. 

Sunburst Youth Academy 

BLL brought in the 5 elements of Hip Hop- Emcee, DJ, Visual Artist, Break Dancer, and Knowledge and planned, prepared, and prepped 130 students for a showcase of a lifetime performing in front of peers, staff, and teachers. 

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