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Beats Lyrics Leaders

Art of business, culture, dreams, entrepreneurship and Future Goals thru Hip Hop Education 

Our team of mentors, teaching artists, and community leaders set the bar for what it takes to turn passion into your purpose. Each member is an expert in their profession and creates a safe space of trust with the utmost respect, passion, and training. With a trauma-informed background, mentors are trained to use restorative justice techniques and use our stories to heal ourselves and others. Our mentees have the opportunity and experience to become mentors and continue to work with BLL within our mentee to mentor pipeline.


OUr Story

We feel that everyone has a story it's how we tell it that often gives us hope, understanding, and belonging. We help each other write the tiny imprints that leave an everlasting impact. J. Ross Parrelli and Tony Ozier met years ago, on the Van's Warped Tour. Although they had seen each other in crossing, it was this 52-city tour in 54 days that left them, partners and family, for life.


"BLL really took shape after our first Conference at Thrive in Portland, OR with Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. That's when it all connected, our favorite things combined into one. Music and Teaching, intersect in a way where purpose and passion ignite," says J. Ross.  A perfect combination of all the right skills and talents lead to numerous tours together 10 years later. Our team has grown into a collection of individuals that truly love what they do and you can see it in the reflections of smiles on everyone who participates in these workshops and conferences. 


In 2022 we celebrated 10 years of being Beats Lyrics Leaders. The mentees we once mentored are now a part of the team. For more stories and fun experiences check our Blog Page 


Our BLL Team

Change Makers, Teaching Artists, Community Leaders, and Mentors

Our Community partners

California Arts Council
Auburn Arts Council
Oregon Arts Council
Arts and Culture
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