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Owhyee Reservation- “We are the next generation”

Five mentors got the opportunity to go to the most isolated city in America, Owhyee and had the opportunity to work with the local Owhyee tribe.

Jae Synth, Prop the Producer, Tony Ozier aka Dookie, Devyn Cotrell, and J. Ross Parrelli worked with Kindergarten thru 12th graders exploring the ins and outs of music.

We started with an assembly for the High Schoolers where we got to compete with two teams for the dopest beat made on the spot. Audience decided on the beat and that's what we used to write our song on.

Through out the day we were able to go into each class (each grade) and work with students on lyrics. After recording each artist we started on the music video.

Showcasing choreographed dance moves and the recording process, students shot the video and edited the music video.

This was the amazing result.

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