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Art of Business, Culture, Dreams, and Entrepreneurship utilizing Hip Hop Education and Performance Arts

LYrics Leaders

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Beats Lyrics Leaders is a group of passionate mentors working together to bring about opportunities to create music, develop business skills, and ultimately provide an outlet for young adults and youth to be the best they can possibly be. We explore beat making, lyric writing, and recording in a way that anyone could understand so that students can find their passion and skills within the challenges and training. Our number one mission is to  Empower Communities. Our number one vision is to see students be their ultimate selves. 

BLL creates with your community to provide the best-case scenario. Our mentors are qualified to help build a curriculum and showcase a workshop, rally, or performance. Go through our list of workshops and ask questions. 

Our Team.

Our team is hand selected and trained to create a safe culture and respectful school climate. Each of our team members is an expert at their skill and has spent years mastering their arts.



Youth Counselor, NAYA

You, this program, your mentors need to be everywhere. I think you may have figured out how to keep students interested in learning, about the world and themselves. 

J. Ross Parrelli

The primary goal of the BLL program is to provide mentorship, "tools for your back pocket", Confidence boost, and allow the students the opportunity to take healthy risks and know what it feels like to accomplish goals".  

Auburn Elementary 4th grade teacher

"I didn't know my student could do that. He has stuttered since he was in kindergarten, yet he just rapped in front of the whole class like he does this all the time. what you do for these kids is magical.

With Sponsorships and Grants from the following: 

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